Fatal Flaws of SEO That You Should Not Chase Today

imagesThere are some flaws in seo that no one wants to really document. No one wants to be the purveyor of bad news online and it is evidenced by the amount of people that are focusing on the wrong pieces of optimization instead of diversifying their reach. If you find yourself with a site that is not going anywhere, and you’re in dire need of resurrection, then you need to learn how to focus away from the flaws that are built into this process and work with things that have been tried and true. There are some options that you will find online that will build on the engagement cycle and send your site serious traffic and there are methodologies that aren’t going to work for the betterment of your page. The following are the flaws to avoid.

Buying Traffic, Views, or Friends

seo-trafficYour money can be spent on a lot of things online. You can buy just about anything you want, including influence. If you want to get traffic, you can search for a few things and get 100,000 hits to your site. That’s right, you could get a lot of views on your page, but there is a huge problem here. The people or rather bots that go to your page don’t care about your site at all. They may look at it, they may think twice about it, but in the end, you’ll waste your money. The bots especially will not care. You can send hits to your site, in fact you could get hundreds of thousands of hits and the end result will be the same, you get nothing at all.

The same could be said about buying views to your videos, friends to your social media sites, and a lot of others shortcuts that are meant to boost your seo. They don’t help at all and will just showcase how frivolous this all can be. The fatal flaw here is that people believe that they can win big here and in some instances do in fact see marginal results. However, it’s not worth it for the little guy. If you don’t have a million dollar marketing budget, you can’t buy your influence, as the level playing field that seo creates gets diminished when money comes into the picture.

The Advertising Issue

indexAdvertising certain keywords today is going to cost you as well. Getting into PPC campaigns where you get a little bit of advertising in exchange for traffic is hard to come by in many ways. You’ll find that you will be competing with larger budgets, sites that already have a huge corner market and a great deal of power when it comes to outbidding you for keywords that you thought weren’t being utilized very often. The search engines just sit back and collect money too, which is something that is not going to change any time soon.

The issue then becomes a matter of seo and how you can overcome the issues mentioned above. The problem is solved with hiring the right professional. There are professionals that work on optimization every day and will be able to factor in the right changes that you need to succeed. However, you will need to enact their help before you start to chase the aforementioned. Chasing backlinks, advertising and other elements will drain your budget to the point where hiring someone is going to take a lot more time and money than you can possibly spend.

This is not all stated to discourage, but rather to showcase that there are some issues with search engine optimization at the professional level that are hard to dismiss. Chasing the wrong elements of internet marketing today will lead to a great drop in traffic and influence, so make sure that you’re wary of the things you see online.